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Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann и Joshua Bowman на шоу Эллен ДеДженерес.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Actress Emily Alyn Lind of the hit series “Revenge”.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Emily Alyn Lind was named one of the 10 Most Beautiful and Promising Up-and-Coming Child Actors on imdb.com. This 9-year-old has already established a very impressive resume! Her credits includes playing “Amanda Clarke” in the hit series “Revenge” and this past Christmas playing the voice of “Grace Goodwin” in Pixar’s “Prep & Landing: Naughty v. Nice.”

Emily also portrayed “Shirley Temple” in Oscar contender “J. Edgar,” and she completed a starring role as “Maggie Gyllenhaal’s” daughter in the feature film, “Learning to Fly.” Her Mom Barbara Alyn Woods and both of her sisters, Natalie and Aly are also actresses! Emily is a very busy tween! We asked Emily to share with us how she balances her life as a child star, charity work in the Make a Wish foundation and fun time!

How do you balance being a young actress? How do you fit in school, friends and fun time and what are your favorite things to do in your free time?
Well – I don’t have a lot of free time where I have absolutely nothing to do. My life is pretty full but I like it that way. I have friends who understand that I work a lot of the time. But when we get together, it’s extra special. I like having friends who are not in the business so we’re not always talking about auditions or working. My sisters are my best friends and we play together a lot – we like to make our own movies – we write them, act in them, direct them, edit them — it’s so much fun. I work a lot, but my Mom always makes sure that we have a lot of “kid” time too.

Currently you are working on the set of “Revenge”, can you tell us about your character and that experience?
I play “Amanda Clarke” who is the younger version of Emily Van Camp’s character. Sometimes we see Amanda having fun on the beach when she was a really happy little girl. But recently I’ve been given some juicy scenes where we get to see why Amanda is seeking revenge. Some of my scenes are pretty intense – I LOVE that!

The show is so much fun to work on. Emily and Madeline and the rest of the cast are really great. I feel lucky to be on such a good show and I love going to work every day.

We have a feature called “Tween’s Making a Difference” can you tell us about your charity work with “Make a Wish” foundation and are there any other charities you work on?
I started working with Make a Wish when I was in Halifax working on November Christmas where I played a little girl with cancer. I started to do a lot of research on how these kids live with illness and discovered Make a Wish. They make so many of these kids happy by granting their wishes – I wanted to be a part of it. Now I always collect money on any set and give it to Make a Wish. It makes me feel like I’m not just working for myself, but when I get a job, it’s for these kids too.

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Meet Emily Alyn Lind

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Hello Everyone! My name is Adaeze, and I am your Celebrity Chit Chat Columnist. Here is my chat with the up and coming young actress, Emily Alyn Lind.

Adaeze: I understand that your first film was The Secret Life of Bees. What did it feel like working with great actresses like Queen Latifah and Dakota Fanning?

: It was really cool because my mother showed me all of their movies. I am a big fan of Dakota Fanning. Queen Latifah, too, but huge fan of Dakota.

Adaeze: You also acted in the television soap opera All My Children, was your experience in The Secret Life of Bees similar to your experience in the soap opera or different?

Emily: It was a little different because, I mean, one was a movie and the other was a television show. It was also a different group of people. Everybody I have worked with has been so nice. That made it really sad leaving the set.

Adaeze: Who are some of your favorite actresses that you look up to?

: I really look up to actresses like Elle Fanning, Dakota Fanning, and Meryl Streep.

Adaeze: What about school – do you go to regular school or are you home-schooled?

: I am home schooled. I like being home schooled because I get to stay home with my sisters and my mom is our teacher. It’s actually really fun.

Adaeze: You won the National Youth Arts’ Award for your film, November Christmas where you played the role of Vanessa. What did it feel like winning?
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Revenge Q&A: Nick Wechsler and Gabriel Mann.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Gabriel Mann: интервью для Small Screen Scoop.

What's on the revengenda this evening?
On ABC’s Revenge, Gabriel Mann plays Nolan Ross (a millionaire tech genius.) In real life, Mann is one part devious Twitter overlord (aren’t you under his thrall?) and two parts an articulate charmer.

I had the chance to take a joyride in Mann’s mind for this Small Screen Scoop exclusive interview. Our talking destinations landed us in the realm a possible Revenge musical scenario, the reality of the abundant allure of the Emily/Nolan romance, and a note on going to happen to his hair before the curtain closes on the Revenge season one finale.

Small Screen Scoop (SSS): So, both you and Mike Kelley have referred to Nolan as the shows Greek Chorus. I doubt there would ever be Revenge: the Musical, but if there was – can you sing?

Gabriel Man (GM): I can sing, yes. And boy, I would be more than happy to do a musical episode of Revenge. I think it would be genius, now that you mention it. We had talked about at one point doing the no dialogue, only sideways glances episode of Revenge. It hasn’t happened yet, but we are gunning for it. So much of what really happens in the scenes is really revealed in looks and in the moment somebody turns away from somebody else, it’s never what it seems to be. We got a lot of pleasure out of imagining a whole show without dialogue – just giving each other the stink eye for an hour. So, I don’t know. Maybe that dream will come to fruition. Maybe not.

But now that you mention it, we can ditch the no-dialogue sсript and bring in the musical sсript. I’d be completely down for that.

We have… well, Emily (VanCamp) says she doesn’t sing. But you know what? Anything she sets her mind to do on this show, she has done, and done it flawlessly. So I have no doubt in my mind that if she set her sights on becoming the next American Idol, she could probably pull it off.

SSS: And who do you think you sound like when you sing?

GM: Hmmm. It depends what kind of mood I’m in.

I had done a movie a bunch of years back where I play a singer in a bar band, like up in Montana. And I was really fortunate to get to work with an extraordinary music producer named T-Bone Burnett, and he produced the songs that I got to sing. It’s actually me singing in the film – the movie’s called Don’t Come Knocking. He had directed a kind of singing performance out of me that when I finally heard it played back I would not necessarily even know that it was me singing.

So, that guy in that movie sounds like… hmm…I’m gonna make a really obscure, classic rock reference…a guy named Tim Hardin who most people don’t know, was a big influence to the music scene back in the 60′s/70′s… So, that’s not a very exciting reference, especially since no one knows who he is…. But I would say in that film I sound a little like Tim Hardin. There’s a melodic, kind of folky quality to my voice. But at the same time I can carry a big tune – so if you wanna go (sings) Brooooadwaaaay… I can throw a little Broadway out there. But, probably more toward a rock sound. An indie rock sound.

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‘Revenge’ is sweet for Josh Bowman.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Spoiler Alert! Читать, если уже посмотрели хотя бы 15-й эпизод "Chaos"

Until he was 19 years old, Bowman was a professional rugby player in his native England. A shoulder injury forced his retirement from the game and a friend of his, who was an agent, suggested he try acting.
“I think it’s an incredible job. We get to travel. I could be a doctor, dentist, a lawyer and an assassin all in one year. It’s great. I’m never bored. I wouldn’t change it for anything,” he said.

Bowman, who dates VanCamp in real life, also had to get used to people being much more interested in his personal life. But he doesn’t read his press.
“It’s nice people are interested in the show and watch the show, but for me it’s just smoke and mirrors all of that,” he said. “It’s not something I pay attention to an awful lot. It’s all about the work.”

Now that “Revenge” has finished filming its inaugural season, Bowman is looking forward to visiting home during the show’s hiatus.
“I miss the culture, the banter, the rhythms of London — it’s different. It’s complete opposite to what’s over here,” he said. “I do sometimes miss the rain as well. I never thought I’d say that.”

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Ashley Madekwe: интервью для Glamour.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Glamour's own Fashion Editor-at-Large Louise Roe sits down with Revenge star Ashley Madekwe. What did they talk about? Find out after the jump.

So, how on earth did I end up sitting down to interview Ashley for Glamour? Cue a really random turn of Twitter events. After recently getting a weeny bit obsessed with the show, I found myself sitting at the neighboring table to her at LA’s Chateau Marmont. I tweeted that I’d seen her later that night, someone else tweeted us into the same message, and hey presto, we got chatting.

As well as being a fellow Brit, she’s funny, sharp-as-a-tac, laughs easily and has impeccable style. The kind of wing-woman you want next to you on every shopping trip, bar stool and dance-floor.

So how does the is-she-isn’t-she evil sidekick in a drama, end up with better style than her on-screen best friend, leading lady Emily?

One answer might be Ashley’s genuine passion for all things style. She has an awesome fashion blog, Ring My Bell, which is well worth a scour.

“I started that ages ago," she says. "I get sent quite a lot of different pieces, which I’ll wear on there. I really enjoy it.”

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And now, the Glamour Quick-Fire Round...

Louise: Heels or flats?
Ashley: Heels

: Platform or Stiletto?
Ashley: Can I have both?

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Josh Bowman on Morning Show in Sydney 30April 2012.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Emily VanCamp - Sunrise interview - Australia. 30.04.2012

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Emily VanCamp & Josh Bowman leave a radio station on Sunday (April 29).

What's on the revengenda this evening?
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Emily VanCamp: the Kyle and Jackie O radio show:

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UPD: Emily VanCamp: Nova FM studio- interview with Fitzy and Wippa:

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Canadian Emily VanCamp is becoming prime time’s favourite vigilante.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

At 25, Emily VanCamp already felt typecast as The Girl Next Door. After working non-stop in television for nine years, the upbeat blond Canadian actress was having nightmares about playing the good girl forever.

“I was pretty worried,” says the native of Port Perry, Ont. “The bulk of scripts I was getting were about being this same kind of shiny gal-pal or protagonist.”

Then she got Revenge.

“It wasn’t easy for Emily,” says Mike Kelley, who created the series for ABC. “Her role is part villain and part hero, so the network was very concerned she wouldn’t be able to pull the first part of the equation off because she was so loveable on Brothers & Sisters and Everwood. But then she came in and killed it.”

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INTERVIEW: Gabriel Mann teases a Revenge Finale Cliffhanger “O.M.G.!”

What's on the revengenda this evening?

May 2nd, 2012 by thetvchick
Spoiler Alert!

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Ashley Madekwe Teases New Romance And Victoria Bond, Opens Up About Castmates.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

The mysterious "White Haired Man" killer on the show. Interview with James Morrison.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

James P. Morrison never sang for the Doors. No, he isn't "Broken Strings" singer James Morrison either. James P. Morrison is however a fantastic actor, musician, director and family man. You will recognize James' face from his many wonderful roles on TV & film. A fan favorite for his role on "24" as Bill Buchanan, James has also appeared on "Hawthorne", "Private Practice" & many more hit series. James' latest role is as the mysterious "White Haired Man" killer on the smash ABC show "Revenge". I recently talked with James about this role, his "Showing Up" film and more.

So tell me how you came to be a part of "Revenge" cast.
James: Mike Kelly called me out of the blue and said that they wanted me to be a part of the show. They didn't have anything written for me except that they were calling me "The Bearded Man". It transformed into "The White-Haired man." He promised me that I'd be the most evil bad guy of all time & I was in!

You have told me that the set of "Revenge" has been the best set that you have ever worked on.
James: Yes! When you come aboard a show as a guest star, except for rare instances, you are treated with "What are you doing here?" I was greeted on the set of "Revenge" by Emily Van Camp, Madeline Stowe & others with hugs. They told me "We're so happy that you are here!" Everyone is so kind. Madeline Stowe is the most swell thing in the world! I adore Emily so much!

James went on to tell me about how the cast & crew went out of the way to be kind to a couple of youngsters from his son's school.
James: Two of the students were interested in being a make up artist and an actress. I got permission to take the kids on the set and they were treated like Queens for the day. Emily and others spent time with them and gave them a day to remember.

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Gabriel Mann Dishes On His 3 Passions, What Distinguishes Him From Eccentric Nolan.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Ology Exclusive: Happy Birthday Gabriel Mann! (May 14, 2012)

If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty obsessed with Gabriel Mann. Not in the way Charlotte is to prescription drugs or Emily is to taking down the matriarch Victoria. The infatuation is more about his personality and how he’s made it possible to be just as likeable as his character Nolan Ross on Revenge. He’s offbeat, just wants to be loved (Ahem, Jack), has the best one-liners and yet Gabriel is an even match for the CEO of Nolcorp. Sure, he admits to me that he’s not necessarily like Nolan and his sneaky ways, but just like his phone plans to Emily, his phone conversations off screen are quite memorable too.

So, why are we bringing this all up today even though the game changer “Grief” premieres two days away? Because it’s Gabe’s birthday! The actor celebrates turning 40 just days after his co-star Emily VanCamp turned 26. I spoke to Gabe awhile back and he filled me in on his three passions besides acting.

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Interview: 'Revenge' Star Ashley Madekwe Dishes On Her Fashion Blog 'Ring My Bell'

What's on the revengenda this evening?
There’s no question about it. Revenge actress Ashley Madekwe is absolutely stunning on and off the set. With just one episode left before the explosive finale, we felt it necessary to chat all about Ashley’s eye-catching style. Many may not know but Ashley has her own fashion blog named Ring My Bell that features her day-to-day wardrobe and is photographed by fiancé Iddo Goldberg. By a look at the page, it’s no wonder why she was invited on for an episode of E! Fashion Police to comment on the several looks those in Hollywood have to offer. Her photographs on her blog are to die for. Though it’s obvious that her character on the ABC series has great taste, she herself is very fashion forward in her own right.

[Her beautiful vintage engagement ring]

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Emily VanCamp: Revenge Finale Is 'Intense,' 'Mind Blowing'.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Henry Czerny Teases Conrad's Challenges and the Finale.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

As ABC’s Revenge moves toward its final two episodes, Conrad Grayson will find himself and his business the target of the show’s major forces of nature, his vengeful wife Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) and his mysterious future daughter-in-law, Emily (Emily VanCamp).

“In terms of being attacked on several fronts, he’s used to that,” Henry Czerny, who plays Conrad Grayson, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s been doing this for a long time and like Rupert Murdoch, like Donald Trump, like Conrad Black, like [Bernie] Madoff, these people are used to people coming at them. And I think the more people that come after this Conrad, the more weapons you will see come out of his closet arsenal.”

THR spoke to Czerny, 53, about Conrad’s upcoming challenges, his exit strategy and what to expect from the show’s season finale.

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Is David Clarke really dead on ‘Revenge’? James Tupper has the answers

What's on the revengenda this evening?

America's guilty pleasure nighttime soap, "Revenge," wraps its first season Wednesday night at 10 on ABC. Fans of the show have been hit with twists and turns since its September premiere, so we enlisted star James Tupper, who plays the (supposedly) murdered David Clarke on the series, for some clarity as to what's really going on in this Hamptons murder mystery.

What can you tell us about the finale?

[Creator Mike Kelley] is amazing because he's really an artist. What he's managed to figure out is this incredible, intricate, detailed story where every week it seems that every single person is in peril. [Laughs.] It's fun for us because we crack open a new sсript and at the end of a reading, everybody's like, "Oh, my God, I'm going to jail?" "This person's dead?" He's great at surprising people constantly.

How much do you know about what's going to happen in future episodes?

I'm following it like everybody else. We get it probably six weeks before you guys and we just read it then make it. But I have a general idea where it's going. At the front of every sсript there's a big confidentiality agreement that we all sign. So I'm not gonna tell you, but I will tell you that it's alarming. He's not locked into having all the same characters.

Is your character really dead?

My God, I have to tell you: I was pushing a stroller with my 3-year-old in it, and a woman yelled at me from across the street, like, "You're not dead, are you?" It's the question I get asked the most often and I get asked everywhere. It's fine, I love it. I love how invested people are in it -- it's awesome. You know, as far as I know, I think I'm dead so far.

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Revenge Stars Tease Finale at Disney's International upfront presentation.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

It's all been building up to this, Revenge fans! The ABC breakout series' highly anticipated finale is upon us, and viewers will be saying goodbye to "a couple of people" by the end of "Reckoning."

We chatted with Emily VanCamp, Josh Bowman and Madeleine Stowe at Disney's International upfront presentation, where they were more than happy to dish on tonight's "roller-coaster" episode, Nolan's (Gabriel Mann) chances of survival, Victoria's (Stowe) latest dirty deeds and more! Plus, what's in store for the love triangle now that Emily and Jack (Nick Wechsler) shared their first kiss? Find out...

Watch out, people. This love triangle is about to get twisted!

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