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What's on the revengenda this evening?
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Nick Wechsler- Interview for ELLE Magazine.

Despite the hopeful things I've said, I've lived my life inside my head.

In the company of blackmailers, con artists, and people all-too-ready to fake their own deaths, Nick Wechsler's character Jack Porter on ABC's mega hit Revenge is a weekly respite from the spiteful storm. However, the seasoned TV actor (you may remember him as Kyle Valenti on the CW's cult favorite, Roswell) insists he's less charming—and a whole lot dirtier—than his Hamptons alter ego. The Albuquerque native talked to ELLE.com about schoolyard fights, his Ladybugs moment, and being "a lot funnier" than the character he so convincingly portrays.

Age: 34

Provenance: Los Angeles

Relationship Status: Single

On Jack’s recent engagement: "It can’t work out well with Amanda. He’s so responsible and so good—too good for his own good. He’s trying to fall for her again, because she’s the mother of his child and it’s been proven. So he can’t back out now, and he can’t be absent. He can’t do that to the child."

On guest starring on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "There’s just something dirtier about this show. There’s something authentic. I watched them do their brilliant thing, and I was like, 'I want to be able to do that!' Being funny has always mattered a lot to me. It’s why I started acting—to make my friends laugh. I’m a lot funnier than Jack."

On defending a girlfriend’s honor: "It was middle school, and middle school fights are so weird. They’re very orderly. Somebody called her a name, so we all walked out together, everyone circled around us, and we started fighting. I ended the fight by pinning him, because I used to be a wrestler."

On Revenge’s complex plot lines: "It’s complicated to the point where I can’t remember stuff. It’s actually very hard! The time between when we get the sсript and when we shoot the episode is so short that I barely have time to get my stories straight. Some of the stuff with the Graysons and The Initiative is headier than the stuff that involves Jack, but I think it’s great that there’s so many different things going on."

On his dodgeball obsession: "I played on an all-girls team. They asked me to be the only guy but they wanted me to dress up as a woman. So I did—I wore a schoolgirl outfit and a wig."

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Лана Винтерс
И надо же: эта нордическая суровость вдруг начинает меня целовать. (с) Thomas Weiss  
Название: The Red Wedding
Автор: Лана Винтерс
Рейтинг: R
Персонаж: Эмили Торн
От автора: Хеллоуин, видимо, прошел успешно для нашей мстительницы)) + вариация на тему финала сериала:crazylove:

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What's on the revengenda this evening?
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Season 3 Promo.

Despite the hopeful things I've said, I've lived my life inside my head.

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Revenge Season 2 Episode 13 “Union” Photos.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Дилшэд Вэтсария во втором сезоне


Дилшэд Вэтсария , которая известна нам по сериалу «Университет»,немного спойлерно

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Фотосет Тайлера Шилдса

imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

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Новый промо ролик ко 2му сезону


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Table Read on the Beach, August 1, 2012.

Despite the hopeful things I've said, I've lived my life inside my head.

Спойлеры от Озиелло ко 2му сезону

Оззи дал интересный спойлер к премьере 2го сезона!


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Revenge icons

'Lady Peaceful,' 'Lady Happy,' that's what I long to be
Мой первый взнос в сообщество)

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What's on the revengenda this evening?
Официально было объявлено о продлении сериала на 2-й сезон!

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Photos From Revenge’s Season Finale Episode ‘Reckoning’.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Emily VanCamp: Vanity Fair TV Issue.

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Вместе с Emily: Emily Deschanel (Bones), Archie Panjabi (The Good Wife), Emmy Rossum (Shameless), Grace Park (Hawaii Five-O) Kerry Washington (Scandal), and Kat Dennings (2 Broke Girls).

Photographer: Norman Jean Roy.

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What's on the revengenda this evening?

2 видео: промо; Ashley Madekwe о своем персонаже.
Премьера сериала 20 апреля.

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Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif. -October 29

What's on the revengenda this evening?

Новый сериал с участием Ashley Madekwe.

Despite the hopeful things I've said, I've lived my life inside my head.

It’s a good thing Ashley Davenport was shoved out of the Hamptons on ‘Revenge’ earlier this season, because the actress is taking on a brand new bewitching role.

Deadline reports that Ashley Madekwe will be getting witchy in WGN America’s first scripted series ‘Salem.’ She’ll play Tituba, the exotic, mysterious and right-hand lady to Salem’s most powerful witch Mary Sibley. FYI, Tituba also hasn’t aged in ten years. Now, that’s some enchanting details.

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'Revenge' Season 3 Exclusive Sneak Peek.

Despite the hopeful things I've said, I've lived my life inside my head.
ссылка на видео

Before the Season 3 premiere of ABC's "Revenge"-tastic drama (Sun., Sept. 29 at 9 p.m. ET), we've got an exclusive video, above, to help refresh your memory about where we left off -- the death, the drama, the big reveals -- and also some new footage teasing what's next in Season 3.
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Emily VanCamp Covers 'Nylon' Fall Fashion September 2013

Despite the hopeful things I've said, I've lived my life inside my head.