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Tyson (Ashley Chin), Mannie (Jason Maza) and Jason (Michael Maris) grew up together in a tough inner-city world, where no one could be trusted and everyone was out for themselves.
With opportunities limited, it's crime that pays the bills. For Tyson, it's not about living the lifestyle, it's about supporting his little sister, Nyla (Letitia Wright), through school and paying off his mum's gambling debts.

When he meets Tia (Ashley Madekwe), she helps him see there are other ways to escape the cycle of poverty. But with a final job promising a big pay day, Tyson prepares to take his biggest gamble yet. Caught up in an escalating chain of violent events, will he have to make the ultimate sacrifice?
Victim is a powerful urban thriller about justice, society, self-respect and redemption. It co-stars BAFTA winner Adam Deacon, and star of smash hit TV series, Homeland, David Harewood.

Премьера - 8 июня (Великобритания)

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