Despite the hopeful things I've said, I've lived my life inside my head.

1.When I get dressed in the morning I think... are five inch heels acceptable at 5 a.m.?

2. The best part of my job is... artistic fulfillment.

3. The hardest part of my job is... being tethered to L.A. when I want to see the world!

4. If I wasn't an actress... I'd be a psychologist, I find people and behavior fascinating.

5. When I get stressed I... breathe and rise above it.

6. The first time I saw myself on TV... I was with every person I knew!

7. If my days had one more hour... I'd spend it sleeping.

8. The one electronic I could never live without... is my iPhone.

9. The question I'm most sick of getting asked is
... ask away... I dont mind questions.

10. The beauty product I can't live without... my Clarisonic is my greatest love.

11. The one item I'm currently wearing the most is... my DKNY black bag.

12. One luxury item I'm dying to splurge on
... a Chanel bag.

13. When I travel, I always... try to pack light so I choose outfits that are somewhat interchangeable and sometimes monochromatic.

14. My biggest fashion regret... too many to name when I was young.

15. When I'm walking a red carpet I... obsess over how odd it is.

16. My biggest pet peeve is... complaining makes one exceedingly unattractive.

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