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Ashley Madekwe подтвердила свой уход из сериала:
“Yes it’s true I’m leaving Revenge. I’ve LOVED playing Ashley Davenport but after 2 seasons there is no longer a story left for me to tell...”

But the Season 2 finale may not be the last we see of Ms. Davenport.

“I wasn’t going to say anything as I didn’t want to ruin the story for the lovely #Revengers but a it’s been leaked anyway...” she tweeted. “The Revenge writers are trying to come up with an exit story for Davenport and I will of course play that out for you all...”

So we might see Ashley’s exit on our small screens at the start of Season 3. But Ms. Madekwe has her own plans for her character’s exit.

“My preference is that Ashley Davenport dies in a blaze of glory. Preferable whilst wearing Valentino couture....Or Chanel. I’m not fussy,” she joked on Twitter.

We’re happy to hear that Ashley’s storyline won’t just be ignored come Season 3. Hopefully the writers will give her a proper sendoff.


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