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It’s a good thing Ashley Davenport was shoved out of the Hamptons on ‘Revenge’ earlier this season, because the actress is taking on a brand new bewitching role.

Deadline reports that Ashley Madekwe will be getting witchy in WGN America’s first scripted series ‘Salem.’ She’ll play Tituba, the exotic, mysterious and right-hand lady to Salem’s most powerful witch Mary Sibley. FYI, Tituba also hasn’t aged in ten years. Now, that’s some enchanting details.

The series is set in 17th century Massachusetts and will focus on Salem before the witch trials, all while exploring what fueled the infamous Salem witch trials. Madekwe didn't hold back her excitement over her new project and recently tweeted, “Today I can lay in bed and watch Daniel Day-Lewis in 'The Crucible' and call it research :)”

Who wouldn’t want to watch some top-notch witch-based TV shows and films for work? I know I would. Madekwe is one lucky lady.

For the past two years, Madekwe starred in ABC’s hit drama ‘Revenge’ as Ashley Davenport. She played more of a background role, and now she’ll be able to let her acting talents shine as one of the show’s leading ladies.

‘Salem’ will be produced by Brannon Braga (‘Terra Nova,’ ‘Star Trek: Voyager,’ ‘24’) and Adam Simon (‘The Haunting in Connecticut’). The series is set for 13 episodes.


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